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Diary - April 2014

A Fabulous Spring!

Its almost easy to forget what a wet and horrid winter has just passed. Now, the horses are out, rug-less and enjoying the first sprouts of spring grass, sunshine and no flies!!

The Horses

Despite my need to see my dear horses successfully re-homed this year, Gilfach seems full to the gunnels at the moment. We have had a spell of young "trainees" in for some Gilfach education, and some here also to find their new owners. (Please see our 'Horses for Sale' page)
McGee is going great guns in his role as student harness pony, and is an absolute dream to work with. Bless him!

The lovely Larry has returned as a livery to Gilfach. It is great to see Larry restored after a bit of a bumpy ride recently, to his former reliable self!.

It is with a hugely heavy heart that we have to announce the loss of lovely Floy today, who here on "holiday"s succumbed to something akin to grass-sickness. A first such loss for us and absolutely devastating for all concerned. Floy was a true Princess.

Other Animals

Horatio is beginning to stamp his mark of authority on the ladies, including a new, but rather inanimate hen (Henrietta, of course!).

The Farm


We hope that you have the chance to visit our lovely farm very soon.

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Horatio and new friend

Horatio and new friend

McGee and sledge!

McGee and sledge!

Larry & owner

Larry & owner

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