Gilfach Farm Livery and Holiday Cottage

Diary (August 2011)


We certainly have been busy - but I think "nicely busy"! Our horses continue to work well with us and our many and varied visiting clients, and equally enjoy their peaceful relaxation between times in the summer paddocks. Recently Rosie, George and Larry have had some minor and successful remedial veterinary treatment to ease some sore joints (all a part of being a ridden horse). I have been slightly teased for my ability to spot a minor lameness issue a mile off, and my consequent desire to get it sorted asap!! Quite right too I think...

The human team

Numbers have decreased by one - John, who had been of great help to Hugh in keeping the farm tidy and functional, and soon by another one, when Lydia, a very much appreciated part-time member of staff, will leave in October.

The Farm

Glut of lettuce now over; in the midst of courgette glut; bring on the cauliflowers!

We look forward to welcoming you to Gilfach soon!

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Serenity (Bunny) being her usual

Serenity (Bunny) being her usual "bold"!

Tesoro - showing how

Tesoro - showing how "up hill" he can be!

Bobby - having some training

Bobby - having some training

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