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Diary (December 2011)


Well established in the winter regime, we have the usual inconveniences of horses getting a little stiff/bored/too fresh (delete as appropriate!) from lack of a good run around - not that they can't, they seem to choose to stand at the hay rings/managers in the sand-turnouts - and just eat!
We, as many yards at the moment, are suffering from a rather annoying virus that is producing a few runny noses and the odd cough. No high temperatures or horses feeling under the weather though - thank God!

Rosie, one of Gilfach's home bred and produced young horses now has a new "mummy". Rosie will still remain at Gilfach on livery and we will be continuing her education with Rosie's (in my opinion!) lucky new owner.

The human team

The team are steadfastly soldiering on - with the extra hard work that stabled horses and horrid weather brings. We are nothing if not fit!

The Farm

New kitchen in the cottage, revamped bathroom, new rug-room window, new muck heap too! Onwards and upwards.

We look forward to welcoming you to Gilfach soon.

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The lovely Rosie as a foal

The lovely Rosie as a foal

Rosie and her new owner earlier in the year

Rosie and her new owner earlier in the year

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