Gilfach Farm Livery and Holiday Cottage

Diary - Early July 2014

Summer Continues...!

We are still being wowed by the display nature has delivered to us this year. The flowers and fruits are plentiful and very beautiful, and being enjoyed by the various residents (like a broody Dawn) in various ways!

The Horses

A wonderful surprise sale of McGee to another fabulous-sounding home has blessed us, with McGee off to his pasture's new imminently. McGee has been working with us in the most perfect and giving manner - I hope his lovely demeanour continues on.

Larry, back for sale at Gilfach, has had a bit of a roller coaster time sale wise. We still look for that perfect home for, what some would consider, that perfect horse!
Larry remains at Gilfach for another while yet by the looks of things!

My beautiful Tez is now being marketed - in my eyes "perfect" - we shall see!!

Meanwhile our lovely liveries continue to enjoy being kept almost in the lap of luxury - and very well they all are too.
A small group of us had a lovely relaxed picnic ride around the Usk Reservoir recently. Whilst George returning briefly to an old role here of offering a charming young rider a taste of well-schooled happy horse!

Other Animals

At last! The ducks have taken to the water...

Summer, hopefully is here to stay for a while ! We hope that you have the chance to share our lovely farm very soon.

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