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Diary - End of February 2012

Stressful Times...

Despite having infinite patience with anything equine, now that I have a plan in my head I am desperate to see it to fruition. Although its has only been four weeks since the worst of nightmares has become a reality for Hugh & I, it feels as though we are walking through treacle. I so wish to realise my dream of spending a sun-kissed summer with Hugh riding across beautiful land on Tez and Alfie - romantic? moi??

Our friends, family, clients and people we have never even met, still astound me with their generosity of time, thoughts and actions. A huge thank you to all again.


A large advert has gone out in Horse and Hound magazine. Notices have been placed around the locality and on various websites, like British Dressage. Word of mouth is doing its best for us.

So now Floy, Timber, Pandora, Larry, Cherry, Bobby & Molly have new homes. Billy is about to be vetted prior to purchase, and we have had, and continue to get, good interest in the wonderful Ico

Limonero, Jewel, Serenity and McGee are to find new homes.

Again, if you are interested in the above, please contact us.

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Limonero and Sheila in 2009

Limonero and Sheila in 2009

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