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Diary - May 2014

More change

Horsey life is quietening down for Sheila and Hugh personally at the moment, with Firefly, Bunny, Timber, Grace, Mouse (liveries), and hopefully McGee too, soon, finding totally brilliant new homes.

The Horses

McGee is progressing nicely, with the help of our young neighbour, he is carrying a rider reasonably confidently around the school under saddle now. I'm very proud of him!! We are going very slowly given his tender age, but he seems to be lapping up the opportunity to do things!

Other Things

The end of yet another epic effort in completing a City and Guilds Horse Care course is coming, with our band of variously enthusiastic learners getting their portfolios together for the finish.

We eagerly await the hatching of upto seven chicks (currently incubating in the kitchen) to see if we can increase the Orpington numbers at Gilfach... watch this space Horatio!

We hope that you have the chance to visit our lovely farm very soon.

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Gilfach Chickens!

Gilfach Chickens!

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