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Diary - Middle of November 2012

The count-down to Christmas

With the nights definitely drawing in, the days short, and the mornings crisp, we all are bracing ourselves for Winter, but to cheer ourselves up (or me at least!), looking forward to Christmas! I, personally, am wishing for a heavy snow fall over the Christmas few days so that our horses can enjoy frolicking around in the summer turn outs once again this year.

The Horses

Tesoro has responded beautifully to the shock wave therapy, and is now "moving like a warmblood"!!

Alfie, Jewel, Limonero and Borba are seemingly enjoying their light, varied work regime, which is keeping their minds, bodies and souls fresh.

Bunny and McGee continue to grow up (& out!). I remain hopeful that I will be able to help them with their start of ridden work in a few years.

The Irish contingent on the yard, Larry and George, have had their Winter haircuts - ready for the hunting field ... (in their dreams!).

The Cottage and Log Cabin

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We hope to welcome you to Gilfach soon.

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Alfie and Larry on Christmas Day

Alfie and Larry on Christmas Day

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