Gilfach Farm Livery and Holiday Cottage

Diary - Mid September 2012

Indian Summer

Our cheerful mood has been nicely matched by a brief spell of proper summery weather it seems. The horses returned to our summer grazing paddocks, and to being rug-less during the day. The produce in the poly tunnel started to actually bear fruit - literally, and our Cottage and Cabin guests were at last able to enjoy al-fresco dining.

However, as I type, normal service has been restored - its raining.

Horses and Dogs

Despite Oscar approving of his new buddy, Ringo, he had to go back having, very ungratefully, given Hugh a nasty and unprovoked nip on the finger. Oscar is once again an "only dog".

A lovely weekend was spent in Sussex by Hugh and Sheila, visiting friends and in particular, visiting Molly. Molly is being beautifully cared for by our former Groom, Stacey and her sister, and looks fantastic and happy.


Gallivanting is coming to an end for us, with a final splash out on a week in Italy. Then it will be heads down to earn our keep and survive Winter!

We hope to welcome you to Gilfach soon.

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Molly, enjoying the attention from Sheila, Stacey and Nicola

Molly, enjoying the attention from Sheila, Stacey and Nicola

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