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Diary - October 2013


Still lovely weather for the time of year. Despite our gloomy forecast, the weather has not deteriorated into wall-to-wall wet mizzle for the rest of the year - blazing sunshine and double figure temperatures prevail. Unfortunately (?) we have already muck-spread our summer paddocks and put them "to bed" for the rest of the year, so they are off-limits despite the lush grass still growing!

The Horses

The horses are also enjoying the prolonged good weather by being allowed 24/7 turnout in our not-very-often used fields to the back of the farm. With the lush grass still around, grazing muzzles are still in action.

Sheila recently attended a fascinating one day course on using horse power to help with forestry duties. The latest dream is to acquire a heavy horse to work the Gilfach land with!

Other Animals

Miranda, our lovely Barred Rock, has very sweetly come out in sympathy with Sheila and has lost rather a lot of her feathers. These too will grow back shortly, she just looks rather shocking!

Latest chemo project? Eeyore!

The Yard

Is being run with reassuring efficiency by Hugh, and our band of wonderful helpers whilst V&K are annual leave. I'm incredibly proud of Hugh, grateful to the helpers, and envious of the staff!!

We look forward to welcoming you to Gilfach soon.

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